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Podcaster Bundle NEW!

Podcaster Bundle NEW!

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Ready to take your podcast from side hustle to money maker?

The Podcaster Bundle is perfect for podcasters who want to run a world-class show, making sure their guests are never caught off guard or your sponsors are have all the details up front. Each template in the bundle answers frequent questions, like:

  • Will I get final say on how the interview is edited?
  • Will you ask me for permission before using the interview footage outside of the podcast (i.e., in a video marketing campaign a few months down the road)?
  • If I sponsor your podcast, does that give me the right to use your podcast content  without getting your consent?
  • When the time comes to hire someone to help me, how can I make sure I own any graphics or copy they create for me?

Our new Podcaster Bundle includes not only all the contract basics you need to make sure you’re setting up your podcast legally, but also comes with the contracts you’ll need when it’s time to grow to the next level. The bundle includes:

  • Podcast Guest Agreement: make sure you and your guest are on the same page about how you (and they) can use the interview, if the guest is paid, how they should promote the episode, and more.
  • Blog or Podcast Sponsor Agreement: invite sponsors to your podcast with confidence.
  • Independent Contractor Agreement: be confident when it’s time to grow your team, clearly outlining who’s responsible for what, what the payment terms are, and more.
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