Legal Road Map® Session

You need a solid legal plan for your growing business.

As your business has grown, you've realized just how much you don't know about running an innovative business legally.

  • How can I figure out what to trademark or copyright?
  • What's the best way to prevent someone from stealing my content?
  • How do I deal with copycats?
  • Should I sign this contract?
  • What's the best way to protect my brand?

Let's cross these worries off your to-do list so you can concentrate on building your business.

You've poured your heart and soul into creating amazing online content, videos, music, books, courses, images, art, music, software, or new technology.

And you're wasting too much time searching the internet for answers to your copyright and trademark questions (that you aren't even sure are right).

You need to step away from the keyboard and talk to an attorney who is the go-to intellectual property partner for online and innovative businesses, and who can provide an easy-to-follow legal plan.

Legal Road Map® session is the first step to get your business legally protected.

Why we start with a Legal Road Map® Session

While our goal is to be your legal partner for the long-term, there is no ongoing commitment; after our session, you’ll have:


An overview of the legal steps your business needs to take now to maximize your profits and an understanding of the "leaks" in your business that are risky for your long-term wealth


Ideas to leverage your business's assets and position yourself for massive growth

Answers and Advice

Answers to the copyright, trademark, and contract questions that have been confusing you and an attorney's professional opinion on the best steps to reach your business goals, prioritized in order of importance

Customer stories

Tara Street - Co-Founder, Braid Creative & Consulting

Autumn is positive, kind, professional, and able to translate everything into plainspeak. No more scary unknowns about the legal health or future of our business – we are legit with Autumn on our side.

Samantha Pregenzer - Owner, Simply Organized

Meeting with Autumn for a legal planning session to go over my business’ legal needs has made me more confident in my business. My time with Autumn was efficient, on point, and focused, yet warm and friendly.

Sarah King - Founder, Simply Sarah King

During our planning session, Autumn helped me understand my rights as a business, and how to protect myself from having my content stolen. Since putting her recommendations into place, my client retention rate has gone up, my contracts have been amended, and I have more confidence in understanding my rights.

What You'll Get When You Book
a Legal Road Map® Session Today

Upon clicking the link below, you will be directed to check out and then directed to our appointment site where you can schedule your session. You will receive an intake form which you will complete before your session to fill us in on your business so our attorney is prepared to discuss your business needs during your call.

After your Legal Road Map® session, we send a follow up email advising you how to proceed. We might include some language you can use, share a form or resources, or give advice about other next steps you can take on your own.

You may choose to hire our firm to implement one or more of the individual legal protections we recommend, but have no obligation to do so.