Partnerships and Collaborations

You’ve found a potential partner, and you know you need to put your agreement about how you’ll work together in writing.  But what exactly do you need to talk about?  What should be included in your partnership agreement?

I’m sharing the list of questions I go over with my own clients when I’m drafting partnership agreements and operating agreements (for an LLC or corporation).

Use this list to get your creative juices flowing; there may be other issues that come up for your particular business that aren’t listed here, or points that don’t apply to you.

Take your time with this process — these questions aren’t easy, but they should help you form a better partnership as you work through them (or maybe help you realize early on you aren’t meant to partner, which is ok too).

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Disclaimers: This is the list of questions I use with my clients as a jumping off point, and may not cover everything you need to talk through or include when putting together your own partnership or collaboration agreement. 

*This website is attorney advertising and does not establish an attorney-client relationship, which is only formed when you have signed an engagement agreement.  Filling out the appointment scheduling form does not establish a client-lawyer relationship, and your sending information to us does not indicate that the Law Office of Autumn Witt Boyd PLLC or any lawyer in our firm is willing to consider forming a client-lawyer relationship. Unless the Law Office of Autumn Witt Boyd PLLC agrees to consider representing you, information that you send to this firm will not be kept confidential or privileged.

We cannot guarantee results; past results do not guarantee future results.

Autumn is not a patent attorney and our firm does not work on any patent law matters. 

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All of my questions regarding trademarks and agreements were answered during my legal planning session with Autumn. As a result of our session, I figured out that my current agreements don’t fully protect me and this led me to adjust the way I use my privacy policies and terms and conditions. The best part of working with Autumn was benefiting from her intelligence and knowledge of not just the law, but business in general. I would definitely recommend her.

Christian Webber owner, Chattanooga Web Design

Since I first worked with Autumn on a client contract, my business has really taken off. I liked that even during communications about serious business, Autumn always treated me like an actual person. Her personality definitely builds a sense of loyalty, and it’s clear that Autumn understands the needs of her clients and genuinely cares for and roots for them. I would recommend Autumn to other small business owner without hesitation.

Jason Harrison owner, Present Tense Fitness, personal training, lifestyle coaching, and corporate consulting

Legal documents (such as a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions) don’t always reflect the soul of our business. But Autumn is a great listener and tailors her efforts to our specific needs. Her legal knowledge and expertise are impressive, but even more importantly, she truly understands virtual businesses. I was initially nervous about the cost of legal help, but learning her flat rate up front removed that fear. I would absolutely recommend her to other online business owners.

Brigit Esselmont Owner, Biddy Tarot

Our business hadn't really worked with a lawyer before Autumn, so there were a lot of unknowns. From reworking our contracts, to growing larger clients, to making new hires and creating new partnerships – Autumn doesn’t sugar-coat things (neither do we!) but she also doesn’t make legal to-do's feel like a big, heavy deal either. Our video meetings are especially helpful. Autumn is positive, kind, professional, and able to translate everything into plainspeak. No more scary unknowns about the legal health or future of our business – we are legit with Autumn on our side.

Tara Street Co-Founder, Braid Creative & Consulting

Autumn and her team quickly put me at ease, even though I had never worked with a lawyer before, so I wasn’t sure how things worked. I worked with Autumn on a retainer basis and I now feel confident that I have my legal ducks in a row in terms of hiring and working with contractors and employees. I have a rock solid contract to use with clients, so I no longer worry that there might be a gaping hole in my client agreements or that I might not have good legal standing if I have a court situation come up. I would recommend Autumn and her team to anyone who has an online business and wants legal help that isn’t overwhelming. They make the legal issues in your business much less scary!

Jessica Mehring Horizon Peak Consulting

Since working with Autumn, I have the documents I need for my growing online business as I’m branching out into new ventures. She told me exactly what I needed, and I know she wouldn’t tell me I need anything I don’t. Autumn gets the job done professionally, quickly, and tailored to what the business needs. I would not hesitate to recommend her to other entrepreneurs. Plus, Autumn will celebrate your wins by toasting you with champagne!

Corinne Crabtree owner, Phit-n-Phat, an online community of healthy, strong & confident women

Before working with Autumn, I was hesitant to even seek out an attorney because I wasn't sure I'd get practical advice I could actually apply to my business. I needn't have worried because Autumn's practical approach, enthusiasm and demonstrated interest in me and my business made it clear that I had come to the right place. Not only did Autumn skip the 'legalese' but she even incorporated my own language into the contract. I now have a contract written in plain English that both my clients and I can understand.

Aenslee Tanner Certified Leadership Coach