Legal Road Map® Planning Session

During our one-hour Legal Road Map® session, we'll make a plan to cover your business with the legal protections you really need.  You'll be able to cross legal worries off your to-do list and concentrate on building your business.

After our one-hour consultation, I’ll provide you with a report of my legal recommendations for your business, prioritizing them so you know what to tackle first.  

Together, we will map out the quickest, most effective, and least risky way to achieve your business goals.

Each session is customized to your business’s needs.  You’ll benefit from my 15 years of legal experience helping creative businesses solve their copyright, trademark, and contract issues, as well as our firm’s unique expertise in working with the top online and e-commerce companies.  

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a link to book your session.

Our business manager will send a more extensive intake form and additional documents to the email address listed at checkout before our session.

After your Legal Road Map® session, we send a follow up email with your custom legal plan.  

Our firm can help you implement the projects in your plan with flat fee prices, or you can choose to work on the plan yourself.  You can also take your plan to another lawyer. Although we hope to continue working with you, there’s no obligation to hire our firm after your session.

Please email with any questions.