Are you completely overwhelmed by legal for your business?  

You know you should be doing something to protect your growing online empire, but don’t know where to start?

Do you just need someone who understands your business to tell you what you need to do and when to do it?

Let us put together a step-by-step legal plan for your business so you're ready to achieve those big goals.   

Our Legal Road Map® session is designed to help you understand exactly what legal protections your business needs and how to prioritize them. Have a one-hour consultation with one of our online-savvy attorneys who will perform a 360-degree legal review of your business.

We will help you identify, prioritize, and strategize legal protections and projects to make sure your business is protected and ready to take off.  

Get peace of mind, and set up a strong legal foundation for your business.

*Legal Road Map Sessions, Q&A calls, Individual Legal Projects, and Retainer Services are only available to businesses seeking advice on U.S. intellectual property issues; businesses seeking advice on online business, technology, and e-commerce issues; and businesses located or registered in Tennessee seeking advice on local business law matters.  Autumn Witt Boyd is licensed to practice law in Tennessee and other attorneys who work with our firm may be licensed in other states.

Our firm does not work on any patent law matters.

Meeting with Autumn for a legal planning session to go over my business’ legal needs has made me more confident in my business. I now have my privacy policy in place and I’m taking the steps with other items with Autumn by my side. The helpful information I received is too much to even list, honestly! My time with Autumn was efficient, on point, and focused, yet warm and friendly.

Samantha Pregenzer

I had been worried about whether I needed to trademark my digital course name for years. Although I did tons of research on trademarking, I didn’t have the legal expertise to apply my findings to my specific situation. In two minutes, Autumn told me exactly what I needed to do and why. Now, that’s one less thing to worry about! Then we spent the rest of our session covering my many other legal questions that I now have definite answers to and action plans for. Autumn’s Legal Roadmap session is incredibly valuable whether you do client work or provide digital courses.

Krista Kurlinkus

All of my questions regarding trademarks and agreements were answered during my legal planning session with Autumn. As a result of our session, I figured out that my current agreements don’t fully protect me and this led me to adjust the way I use my privacy policies and terms and conditions. The best part of working with Autumn was benefiting from her intelligence and knowledge of not just the law, but business in general. I would definitely recommend her.

Christian Webber

Our business hadn’t really worked with a lawyer before Autumn, so there were a lot of unknowns. From reworking our contracts, to growing larger clients, to making new hires and creating new partnerships – Autumn doesn’t sugar-coat things (neither do we!) but she also doesn’t make legal to-do’s feel like a big, heavy deal either. Our video meetings are especially helpful. Autumn is positive, kind, professional, and able to translate everything into plainspeak. No more scary unknowns about the legal health or future of our business – we are legit with Autumn on our side.

Tara Street

Disclosure: Our clients did not receive compensation for sharing their experiences working with Autumn, and do not receive any compensation for referring new clients (this is prohibited by Tennessee ethics rules).  These testimonials or endorsements are not a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.  We cannot guarantee results; past results do not guarantee future results.