Legal for Course Creators: LLC or Corp for your Course? – Legal Road Map® Podcast S4E108


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Learn why it’s a good idea for course creators to form a corporate entity, and which entities work best for different types of businesses.

In this episode we’ll cover:
Why it’s critical to speak to both a lawyer AND a CPA when you’re making the decision about the best legal entity for your business

What liability protection is and how forming an entity helps you get it

Some higher risk course topics and which entity you may want to choose

Why it’s time to form an entity if you have a physical location or if you hire employees

Tax and insurance issues to consider when choosing which entity to form

Different types of entities and when it’s a good idea to consider them

A few steps you’ll need to take to open your business bank account (and what order to do them in)

What the ‘corporate veil’ is and why you do NOT want to pierce it!

Key takeaway: Liability protection is the name of the game when it comes to forming a corporate entity, but consulting with a trusted advisor (or two!) can help you make the right choice for your business.

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This podcast is information, not legal advice specific to your situation.

October 14, 2019