Podcast S3E43 – FB Live 55 with Heather Pranitis – Bookkeeping


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Bookkeeper and financial advisor Heather Pranitis from Number Nerd Bookkeeping Solutions and I talked about why you need to know the numbers in your business if you want to scale to seven-figures.

We talked about what numbers you should be keeping your eye on (overhead! profitability!) as you grow. Heather also explained what a bookkeeper can help with, and why it’s worth talking with one early in your business, when you’re still keeping your own books, to make sure you are set up and recording things correctly.

We also chatted about when is the right time to hire a bookkeeper, and how to find someone who understands YOUR business’s revenue streams and systems. Heather stressed how your professional advisors (attorney, CPA, bookkeeper) should work together and be able to talk to each other to support your growing business.

Heather outlined the benefits to working with a bookkeeper, including understanding what your numbers really mean, getting time back by outsourcing bookkeeping, and gaining an outsider’s perspective and analysis of your business’s finances.

Then we went down the rabbit hole of how it might cost you more in the long run to keep your own books once your revenues reach a certain point, especially if you are using Paypal or Stripe or running payroll.

Find Heather’s business workflow templates (they’re awesome) here:

Business Workflow Templates

I’ll be interviewing more of my favorite pros in these categories later this month; you don’t want to miss it!

Number Nerd Bookkeeping Solutions is a full-service virtual bookkeeping firm that helps individuals and businesses of all sizes get their numbers in order. Number Nerd offers monthly bookkeeping and payroll packages, QuickBooks file reviews, QuickBooks training, accounting software setup, accounting cleanup, and business process consulting services to their clients around the world. Owned and operated by experienced bookkeeper and accounting workflow consultant, Heather Pranitis, Number Nerd excels at delivering customized solutions to bookkeeping challenges, easy-to-read financial reports, and simple answers to tough finance-related questions. The Number Nerd team partners with their clients to improve bookkeeping processes and establish good accounting habits.

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June 20, 2018