Podcast S3E47 – FB Live 59 – Location Independent Business, Part 2 – Registering as a foreign entity


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If you’re ready to do business in other states, have remote team members, or you’ve been doing business in other states for years, my latest episode of the Legal Road Map® podcast is a great overview of important considerations for location-independent and online business owners.In this week’s Facebook Live video and podcast episode I begin to cover this complex topic, touching on:

– Why registering as a foreign entity in other states could apply to online businesses as well as location-independent businesses- What constitutes “doing business” in another state- The tricky nuances of having independent contractors and employees in other states- The consequences of not registering as a foreign entity in states where you do business

Key takeaway: Fifty states can mean 50 different answers when it comes to doing business in a state outside your own. Seeking the advice of a trusted lawyer can prevent a legal nightmare for your online or location-independent business.


This podcast is information, not legal advice specific to your situation.

July 18, 2018