Podcast S3E64 FB Live 75 – Contracts: Part 3 – Protect your revenue + grow your team


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Growing a business to the point where it’s producing steady revenue is a milestone accomplishment for any business owner. But what are you doing to protect your revenue stream(s)?

In this week’s episode, I cover the contracts you need in your business to protect revenue, with bonus content about what you need when growing your team:

    • The basics to include in a client services contract
    • Why you need to spell out who will own any intellectual property in your contracts
    • Special contract considerations for event planners and for coaches
    • When you need to have contracts in place if you sell a physical product
    • The contracts you need if you do live events, especially if you work with sponsorship
    • Important contract terms for affiliate or referral programs
    • Which contract to use with your employees to protect your trade secrets
    • Why it’s not a good idea to use both your independent contractor’s and your contract (just pick one to sign)

Key takeaway: If you’re not using contracts to protect your business, all of your hard work could all be for nothing.

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This podcast is information, not legal advice specific to your situation.

November 26, 2018