Podcast S3E68 FB Live 79: Why should I register a trademark anyway?


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Why should I register a trademark anyway?

We talk a lot about trademarks on the podcast, but you may still be wondering why you would ever need to register a trademark in your business.

While it may seem like a hassle, registering a trademark is one of the most valuable protections you can put in place in your business.

In this episode I cover:The types of things that can be protected by a trademarkHow a trademark can set you up for success if you ever decide to expand into other statesHow a registered trademark can save you time and hassle if you ever have to file a lawsuit around your trademarkThe advantage to registering your trademark if you do business abroadHow a trademark can help prevent counterfeitingThe value a registered trademark can add to your business if you ever look to sell or take on investmentHow registering your trademark shows competitors you mean business

Key takeaway: If you’re committed to protecting your business for the long haul, a trademark registration should be on your list for 2019.

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January 4, 2019