Podcast S3E69 FB Live 80: Trademarks: When should you register?


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Whether your business is established and thriving or you haven’t even earned your first dollar yet, deciding WHEN you should register your trademark could leave your head spinning.

In this week’s episode you’ll learn:

The downsides to waiting to register a trademark
Why you may want to register a trademark for your product before you start selling
The ONE question to ask yourself to determine if you’re ready to register your trademark
How often you should take inventory of your business’s IP to evaluate what trademarks you have, and whether it’s time to register
Why failing to defend your trademark rights could result in your losing them

Key takeaway: Deciding on the right time to register your trademark depends on a lot of different factors in your business. But asking yourself the right questions will help you determine when you should register.

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This podcast is information, not legal advice specific to your situation.

January 11, 2019