Legal Road Map® Podcast S3E75 FB Live 86 part 2 – When MUST you register your trademark?


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The VIDEO was cut off near the end of my Facebook Live, so this is Part 2 of 2…Please click here to view the first part of Episode 75.

When should you run (not walk) to submit your trademark registration application? There are definitely times when waiting to register a trademark is a huge mistake.

In this week’s episode you’ll learn:

How the level of investment behind your business or product can determine whether a registered trademark is a necessity

How long it takes to receive a trademark registration certificate from the USPTO

The advantages of “intent to use” applications in US trademark law

When you can use the ® and TM symbols

How a registered trademark can make your licensing or certification program more valuable to your licensees

Why a registered trademark can make your business more attractive to potential buyers

When a registered trademark in the US can help you obtain a foreign trademark if you plan to sell products or services internationally

Key takeaway: If your business is up-leveling in a major way, a trademark registration becomes a necessity, not a nice-to-have. Since the registration process is not quick, working with a trusted legal advisor who specializes in trademark law can help you plan ahead.

February 25, 2019