The AWB Firm VIP Day

Who even has time for legal?!

The thought of adding a legal project, with weeks of back and forth emails, to your already full plate is enough to make you just skip it altogether, right?

But imagine the luxury of...

Retreating from all the noise for a day…

Having a legal team’s undivided attention for a day…

Wrapping up entire legal projects, like a trademark registration application, online course terms of use, or affiliate program, in a single day…

The AWB Firm VIP Day

Designed for business owners who:

  • Are so overwhelmed by everything else in their business that legal keeps falling to the bottom of the priority pile
  • Have no time to be bothered with weeks of back-and-forth emails and phone calls to get a project completed
  • Are done dealing with unpredictable, unbudget-able legal bills
  • Just want to get their important legal projects D.O.N.E.


Legal projects: done.

While you’re in our offices, our entire team will get to work on the legal project(s) of your choosing. Since we eliminate the need for any back-and-forth by dedicating the day to your legal needs, your project gets done in a fraction of the time.  And, if we need a little more time to wrap up your projects after our day together, that’s included too.


We’ll meet with you in advance to dive into your business and give you real-time legal strategy so we can both make the most of our time together.

Undivided attention.

Our entire team will be at the ready to work on your legal projects for the whole day.


No more second-guessing, no more inaction because you’re afraid of what you don’t know. Our team has your back.


Last but not least, we’ll arrange transport from the airport in beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee (or we can meet remotely if you prefer), put you up in our favorite boutique hotel with a view of the Tennessee River in the heart of downtown, and treat you to lunch and dinner at one of our city’s best local restaurants to suit your tastes.  You’ll have some down time while we work on your projects, which you can use to work on other business projects in our office, unwind with a bike ride on our riverwalk, tour a local art museum, visit our world-class climbing gym, or another local activity we can arrange to your preferences. Once you get yourself to Chattanooga, we’ll take care of everything else.

Your Investment: $6500

All transportation, lodging and meals are included in your package price.


Legal projects (trademark search + registration, custom contracts, business formation, copyright registration, and more) typically take weeks or months to complete. Legal VIP Day participants are able to tackle projects in a fraction of the time that it takes most business owners to complete even one legal project.

Plus, you’ll get our entire legal team’s eyes are on your business for the whole day. Hello, peace of mind!


  • The availability to have a 60-minute planning call before your Legal VIP Day.
  • The ability to block off one day on your calendar to be present, free from distractions, to get your legal projects done.


  1. Submit your application and questionnaire so our team can get eyes on your legal needs to make sure the Legal VIP Day is a good fit.
  2. Once accepted for the Legal VIP Day, we’ll schedule a 60-minute planning call to map out a strategy to make the best use of our day together and pick a date that works for everyone.
  3. During the planning call we’ll also discuss what projects we can definitely complete during your Legal VIP Day and which (if any) projects may require additional time and/or follow-up, so you can decide what you’d like to work on (don’t worry - we’ll help you prioritize).
  4. Once we’ve landed on a date, you’ll book your own travel then we’ll handle everything else, including transportation from the Chattanooga airport, one-night’s accommodations in our favorite downtown boutique hotel, and all meals during your Legal VIP Day.
  5. On the day of, we’ll roll out the red carpet and make all your legal dreams come true. 

Here's a sample of the types of legal projects we can tackle during your Legal VIP Day:

Online Business Growth 

  • Custom online course and digital product terms of use
  • Mastermind or group coaching client agreements
  • Website privacy policies, terms and conditions
  • GDPR compliance
  • FTC disclosures
  • Advertising, contest, and other online regulation compliance
  • Disclaimers and waivers of liability
  • Affiliate or referral programs -  set up and terms

Protect your Brand and Content

  • Trademark clearance, search, and registration with U.S. Patent & Trademark Office 
  • Representation in opposition, cancelation, and other proceedings in front of Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
  • Copyright registration with the U.S. Copyright Office
  • Certification and training programs - set up and agreements
  • Monitor USPTO records for conflicting trademark applications 
  • Drafting cease and desist letters to infringers; responding to demand letters; infringement litigation in federal court
  • DMCA takedown notices for copyright infringements
  • Website domain purchases, transfers, and resolution of cybersquatting issues
  • Intellectual property licenses, sale, and assignments
  • Intellectual property holding companies - set up and agreements
  • Intellectual property portfolio management (docketing deadlines, maintenance, etc.)
  • Fair use advice on using other people’s content
  • Photo and video model releases
  • Book publishing contracts

Protect your Business

  • Formation of LLCs and corporations
  • Liability limitation and asset protection
  • Client services agreements
  • Event attendee waivers
  • Insurance advice

Scale your Business

  • Partnership, collaboration, or joint venture agreements 
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Change in corporate structure or governance as you grow
  • Compliance with advertising laws and other regulations
  • Provide requested information and consult with your other professional advisors about business strategies - CPA, CFO, etc.

Grow your Team

  • Employment law compliance and advice
  • Employee handbook drafting
  • Non-compete and non-disclosure issues
  • Provide requested information and consult with your other professional advisors about employee benefits