Dealing with copycats who rip off your content or brand name (Legal Road Map® Podcast S1E11)

As a creative business owner, at some point, you will probably find someone has copied your best stuff or started a business or product with a very similar name as yours. Learn how to respond when this happens to protect your business and brand.

(Be sure to listen to Episode 5 first for an overview of the different kinds of IP; Episode 11 builds on Episode 5).

Episode highlights:

  • What steps can you take to avoid someone copying you?
  • What evidence should you keep in your files if you find you’ve been copied?
  • How can you get someone to stop copying you without a lawyer?
  • What is a DMCA takedown notice and how can this help you stop copycats?
  • When should you consider hiring a lawyer?
  • What is the process for filing an infringement lawsuit and what does it cost?

KEY TAKEAWAY: Protecting your rights from copycats may be easier than you think, many people don’t know how the laws work and often a gentle heads up and request that they stop will work wonders.

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This podcast is information not legal advice specific to your situation.

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