AWB Firm Careers - Join Our Team

Who are we and what do we do? 

The AWB Firm, founded by Autumn Witt Boyd, is a virtual law firm that focuses on intellectual property, employment, and business legal issues for online businesses. Our clients are primarily online course creators, life or health coaches, and business consultants. We are the premiere law firm for online entrepreneurs who want to protect their brand, content, and business. We are an upbeat, small but mighty, highly collaborative team and work with incredibly nice clients.
OUR MISSION: Provide the most supportive legal guidance + tools for impact-driven online business owners building a sustainable, profitable business.


  • Smooth, luxurious client interactions
  • Use honey, not a hammer
  • Take the 10,000 foot view
  • Make it easy
  • Integrity - we want to be proud of every decision and action we take if it were printed on the front page of the newspaper
  • Respect for others regardless of differences
  • Long-term, connected relationships with clients, referral sources, suppliers and service providers, partners, and employees
  • Autonomy + Flexibility
  • Innovation + Creativity


Why you’ll love working here

Make a difference. Join us in the impact we are making supporting impact-driven business owners, and in bringing more ethical (and legally compliant) practices to the online business space. Our clients and our work are fun, fast-moving, and challenging.  We are on the cutting edge of a revolution in online learning and digital products.  You will be working directly with our founder, Autumn, and supporting her so she can stay in her zone of genius, helping our clients and our other attorney(s) on a wide mix of projects.

We don’t do fire drills.  While we will expect you to work efficiently and get things done on time, we don’t micromanage.  We expect you to take responsibility for producing excellent work, and will treat you like the grown-up professional you are.  We are organized and use checklists to be sure we don’t forget a step, and are always looking to improve and streamline our processes.  We give (and expect) direct feedback, and ask for help when we need it.  We leverage technology, so if you aren’t comfortable figuring out and adapting to new software on the regular, this will not be a good fit.

The hours are flexible.  We will work with you to find a schedule and routine that works for both of us.  There will be times when you have a heavy work load or looming deadline and you’ll need to work very hard, and other times we’ll encourage you to take the afternoon off to enjoy the outside sun.  

We are collaborative and helpful to each other, and genuinely enjoy spending time with each other (and our clients).



Open Positions

We are not currently hiring for any open positions. Please see the section below for examples of the types of careers we have to offer here at The AWB Firm.


Examples of Positions

**Please note we are not currently hiring for these positions but are anticipating growth and are always open to reviewing applications and getting acquainted with candidates who may be a good fit for a future opening.

Administrative and Customer Service Assistant - Full-time
**Chattanooga area required (hybrid in-office / remote)

Are you super organized and love helping people, but feel like you’re stuck on the bottom rung of the corporate ladder?

Do you feel like your skills and talents for keeping things running like a well-oiled machine are not valued or appreciated?

You thrive in a fast-paced, tech-centered environment, and appreciate a good list to check off.  You have a nurturing spirit and are always looking for ways to make things run a little bit smoother and easier for those around you.

We are waiting for you to come shine in your own way as our Administrative and Customer Service Assistant.

Law Office of Autumn Witt Boyd


IP Attorney (Full Time / Remote)

Did you go to law school to help giant, soulless corporations stockpile more and more money? I’m guessing that’s a no.

You probably wanted to help real people.  But then you got to a law firm and found out your job was reading thousands of pages of boring due diligence documents.  Or helping a mega-corporation police their trademarks in 100 countries.  

What if you could spend your days helping entrepreneurs who are just trying to figure out what they need legally to protect their brand, their content, and their business?  Real people with small (but growing!) businesses, big ideas, innovative technology, and grand dreams.  Energetic clients who not only love talking with you, but actually take your advice.

The AWB Firm wants to give you the chance to practice law like you imagined, before you started working at an old-school law firm stuck in the last century. 

Law Office of Autumn Witt Boyd