Solopreneur Phase: Are you making expensive mistakes in your business? (Legal Road Map® Podcast S5E121)

If you’re in the Solopreneur Phase of business - your business is no longer a baby, you’re making revenue you depend on (up to $50,000) and you’re still the one doing all the things  - this episode is for you.

Learn some expensive mistakes you could be making in your business, whether you’re a done-for-you service provider, a coach, or a course creator. 

And even if you may still be in Launch Phase, or in a later phase, you’ll want to tune in to make sure you’ve taken care of your legal basics, or get an idea of potential problems that lie ahead.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Why the Solopreneur Phase is a really great time to take care of legal (even if it seems too early)
  • How your website might not be covered legally if you’re missing specific documents required by law
  • Why it’s so critical to protect your primary revenue stream at this stage
  • How to avoid common client problems, like: 
    • Non-payment
    • Scope creep
    • Refund requests
    • Ghosting in the middle of a project
    • Disputes about who owns the work product
    • Firing a nightmare client
    • Copycats
    • Flaking on payment plans, or 
    • Causing drama in your community or group

BONUS: Solopreneur Phase Entrepreneur Checklist - sign up below to learn about what can go wrong legally as you enter the solopreneur phase of your business, and simple actions you can take now to avoid costly problems later, in our Solopreneur Phase Entrepreneur Checklist.  We’ll be releasing a brand-new legal checklist for each phase of your business building journey, free with every episode this month!


Legal Road Map® Episode 81:

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