You’ll NEVER launch your online course without this one thing (Legal Road Map® Podcast S5E130)


When you’re already running a business, carving out the time to actually work on your online course can seem utterly impossible. Your clients always come first, so how do you balance continuing to provide them with the stellar service you’re known for, and make time to draft your course outline, record your modules, write copy for your student worksheets, and market your course?

More practical than legal advice, in this episode Autumn is sharing some of the best practices she’s seen working with our 6 and 7-figure + online course creators to help you start thinking creatively about how you can buckle down and present your course to the world.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The importance of starting with something you’re not just good, but GREAT, at teaching
  • Why you want to make sure you can offer a tangible, repeatable result to your students
  • How to win BIG by starting with just one measurable result that will produce a significant positive outcome for your students
  • The importance of thinking about marketing and sales before you start building your course
  • How soliciting suggestions + ideas from your audience can translate into a very successful course launch
  • Why Autumn loves to batch her tasks
  • How selling your course before you create it can help you avoid lackluster (or zero) sales
  • Why it’s so important to weigh the costs and benefits of paying an expert vs. you spending your time (what’s your hourly rate, again?) doing something you’re not great at
  • How writing a launch date on your calendar can become your biggest motivator

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This podcast is information, not legal advice specific to your situation.

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