You won’t believe how these 7-figure rockstars run their courses (Legal Road Map® Podcast Episode 134)

Looking up to some of the most successful people in your industry can either motivate you or make you feel like you’ll never get there. But one of the best ways to find success in your own business is by learning from those who are a few, or even many, steps ahead of you. 

Autumn is dishing on some of the simple ways her 7-figure + online course rockstars have set their businesses apart and become the household names we know and love. And the best part? Everything she shares in this episode is 100% actionable for you - no matter what stage of business you’re in.

In this episode, we cover the benefits of:

  • Serving a very narrow niche without compromising your secret sauce
  • Unabashedly being yourself even if know that means you won’t be for everyone
  • Consistently giving away incredibly useful + valuable content for free
  • Being willing to fail repeatedly on the road to success and seeing failure as data
  • Starting with a digital product vs. 1:1 service
  • Trying lots of different things before landing on your signature offering

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Vanessa Levin:

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