Is your online store legal? (S5E149)

Ecommerce is booming, with more brick-and-mortar stores taking their products online. 

And while there are tons of online store platforms that make the transition to online selling easier than ever, there are many pitfalls to not setting up your ecommerce store legally that you might never see coming.

Get our best legal tips for ecommerce businesses to make sure your online store doesn’t cause you major headaches down the road.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • The best way to work with independent contractors as you create products and market your shop
  • What you need to know about licensing agreements for your ecommerce business (this may surprise you!)
  • Why you’ll likely want to form a corporate entityand have insurance for your product-based business
  • The important legal documents you need on your ecommerce website (one of these is required by law!)
  • What you should do from day one to avoid issues with the name of your shop and products
  • When it comes to registering copyright vs. trademark, which process Autumn says you can probably do yourself, and when she recommends you work with an attorney
  • Best practices for using other people’s intellectual property on your products, your website, or in your marketing and social media efforts

BONUS:  If you’re starting something new, or this episode has spotlighted areas of your business that have you worried, now is a great time to make sure your business is in good shape legally.Download our free legal checklist below to make sure your business has a strong legal foundation!

Watch the video of this episode below.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Independent Contractor Agreement contract template:

Website Privacy Policy for U.S. Businesses template:

Website Terms and Conditions of Use template:

Bundle & Save: Website documents bundle (includes Privacy Policy + Terms and Conditions):

Meet Wick the Gnome of Almanac Supply Co.:

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