S5E153 How your interior design business can cost you BIG

How your interior design business can cost you BIG (S5E153)

To an outsider, interior design or decorating can seem like a fun and easy gig. You pick paint colors, recommend a few pieces of furniture, top your vision off with a few accessories. Done! But actually, interior design and decorator contracts are some of the more complex contracts we work on at the AWB Firm, with moving parts like who’s responsible for install, will you pass along your designer discount to your client, if you hire a photographer can your client use the pictures, and many more questions.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Why interior designer and decorator contracts are more complex than other creative service providers’ contracts, and what terms should be clearly spelled out
  • What to be sure you make clear (both with the photographer and with your client) when you hire a photographer to capture your finished product
  • The higher risks in an interior design or decorator business and why you’ll definitely want to form an LLC or corporation, and be covered by insurance
  • How your designs have automatic copyright protection under US law, but why you still might want to register them
  • What you need to know about using other people’s creative work in your business

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BONUS:  If you’re starting something new, or this episode has spotlighted areas of your business that have you worried, now is a great time to make sure your business is in good shape legally. Download our free How to Write Your Own Contracts checklist below to make sure your business has solid contracts in place!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Miles & Kirk Design:  https://www.milesandkirk.com/

The Green Room Interiors:  https://www.thegreenroominteriors.com/

Interior Designer contract template:  https://awbfirm.com/collections/all/products/interior-design-services-agreement

This podcast is information, not legal advice specific to your situation.



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