Diversifying revenue in your web design business with Shannon Mattern (S5E158)

If you’re a service provider -- like a web designer or copywriter -- you might feel like you’re tethered to a single revenue stream: designing websites or writing copy. But the online world now offers more opportunity than ever to diversify your revenue streams.

A mix of affiliate marketing, memberships, and online education can all be perfect complements to your service-based business. And in this episode web designer Shannon Mattern shares how she’s incorporated many of these revenue streams into her own business.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • The importance of setting boundaries and expectations with your clients
  • How preparing ahead of time for your boundaries to be pushed can help remove the emotion from dealing with it when it (inevitably!) happens
  • How packaging your services can help you more easily identify AND PREVENT scope creep
  • How combining affiliate marketing with 1:1 design services allowed Shannon to leave her day job faster than she could have with services alone
  • How Shannon has made sure she uses the appropriate disclosures for her affiliate relationships to stay legal
  • What Shannon wishes she would have done in her business 5 years ago

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