Picture perfect legal for your photography business (S5E161)

It seems there are more ways than ever to grow a thriving photography business. Mini-sessions, branding photography, wedding and events, to name just a few. 

But each of these revenue streams presents its own unique set of considerations to make sure you and your photography business are protected legally.

While the barrier of entry to the photography and videography business can seem relatively low, if you want to have staying power and create a successful, profitable business, it’s essential to build yours on a solid legal foundation.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Why you should still use a (short) client agreement even for a simple mini-session
  • Which contingencies you should definitely include in your contract (you might not have thought of these!)
  • How to make sure you get your clients’ permission to use their photos in your marketing
  • Important special terms your contract should include if you’re a wedding or event photographers/videographers
  • How to get on the same page with your client about who owns the rights to photos or videos you create
  • Why you should always use a model release if you’re creating content you intend to sell or license as stock photos or footage
  • Which type of agreement you should use with a second shooter
  • The essential agreements you’ll want to be sure are included on your website

BONUS: If you’re starting something new, or this episode has spotlighted areas of your business that have you worried, now is a great time to make sure your business is in good shape legally.Download our free legal checklist below to make sure your business has a strong legal foundation!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Workshops for photographers by Penny Chevalley:

Photography/videography business contract templates:

This podcast is information, not legal advice specific to your situation.


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