Don’t forget this in your 2021 budget (Legal Road Map podcast S5E167)

Don’t forget this in your 2021 budget! (S5E167)

Planning for next year is in full swing. You may be planning new products or services, epic launches, new training series, and more. And you’re probably also working on your budget with line items all geared toward helping you facilitate those rollouts.

While most people forget to add legal into the budgeting equation at all, the good news is that you may need way less than you think, depending on your unique stage of business.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • What you might want to skip legally when you’re just getting started
  • Why you should definitely update your contract every time you uplevel or change the way you work with clients 
  • How you can start protecting your trademarks and copyrights even before you register them
  • What you should plan to protect with your first custom contract
  • Which lower risk activities you can likely still use a contract template for, even if you’re in a more advanced stage of business
  • The revenue threshold that marks when you should absolutely when you should absolutely sit down for a legal audit of your business with a lawyer 

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BONUS: If you’re starting something new, or this episode has spotlighted areas of your business that have you worried, now is a great time to make sure your business is in good shape legally. Download our free legal checklist below to make sure your business has a strong legal foundation!

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