The ins and outs of publishing a book (Legal Road Map® Podcast S2E27)

Publishing a book is a tricky process to navigate. Traditional publishing and self-publishing both bring their own set of unique challenges. This week’s episode lays the foundation for understanding the process of publishing a book as well as some of the legal issues you’ll need to keep in mind.

Listen and learn:

  • What the role of an agent is (and where their expertise ends)
  • How a trusted lawyer can bring value whether an agent is involved or not
  • The important questions to ask about royalties and advances
  • Why a multiple book deal isn’t always best
  • The benefits that both traditional publishing and self-publishing can offer

KEY TAKEAWAY: A book deal can be the gateway to growing your business and reaching your big goals (or it may be the goal itself!). Having a trusted legal advisor’s help along the way can ensure your book gets you where you want to go instead.

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This podcast is information, not legal advice specific to your situation.

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