The importance of work-life balance and reading contracts (S2E36)

The importance of work-life balance and reading contracts (S2E36)

Jenny Shih of the Success Your Way podcast joins us in this episode to talk about the importance of knowing when it’s time to pivot your business and how crucial work-life balance is to online entrepreneurs.

Listen and learn:

  • When is the perfect time to hire help
  • How to tell if it’s time to shift your business model
  • The pros and cons of a one-on-one vs. group model
  • Why finding balance in life is good for business
  • The importance of understanding any contract you sign

KEY TAKEAWAY: Many people set out to work for themselves so they have more control over their schedule, but much of the time the opposite becomes true. Setting boundaries and being clear on what work-life balance looks like to you will help your business succeed.

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This podcast is information, not legal advice specific to your situation.

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