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Running a location-independent business legally (pt.2) – Registering as a foreign entity (Legal Road Map® Podcast S3E47)

Operating a location-independent or online business may mean you have to register in other states where you are doing business. But what constitutes “doing business” in another state? And what could be the consequences of not registering as a foreign entity?

In this episode I cover:

  • Why registering as a foreign entity could apply to online businesses as well as location-independent businesses
  • What constitutes “doing business” in another state
  • The tricky nuances of having independent contractors in other states
  • Why failing to register in the appropriate state could prevent you from being able to file suit
  • The consequences of not registering as a foreign entity in states where you do business

Key takeaway: Fifty states can mean 50 different answers when it comes to doing business in a state outside your own. Seeking the advice of a trusted lawyer can prevent a legal nightmare for your location-independent business.

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