Danielle LaPorte – Online business case study (Legal Road Map® Podcast S3E53)

Danielle LaPorte – Online business case study (Legal Road Map® Podcast S3E53)

Danielle LaPorte’s online business empire kicks off my September series of case studies. I'm pulling back the curtain of online businesses I admire and pointing out critical legal and business decisions, issues, and protections that helped them achieve their success.

From Danielle's early days as a consultant to her current position as creator of one of the most recognizable lifestyle brands on the market, this episode covers investment, book deals, certification programs and more.

In this episode, I cover how Danielle:

  • Paid a high price from taking on investment the wrong way early on in her entrepreneurial journey
  • Started her current business by going back to basics
  • Leveraged her intellectual property to create an online content empire
  • Navigated the world of self-publishing for her books
  • Created a certification program (and what you should do to make sure your content and brand are protected)
  • Grew from a one-on-one consultant to a global business that reaches millions

Key takeaway: Choosing the right time to stop DIY’ing legal and start working with a lawyer can help you avoid potentially devastating missteps in your business.

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Danielle LaPorte: http://www.daniellelaporte.com/

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