Michael Hyatt – Online business case study (Legal Road Map® Podcast S3E55)

Michael Hyatt – Online business case study (Legal Road Map® Podcast S3E55)

Michael Hyatt has had a long, successful career ranging from traditional book publishing to the online space he operates in today. He has created and manages an interactive community platform, sells online courses, books, planners, subscription boxes, and runs a high level mastermind along with other live events. He and his business make for a fascinating case study of a robust and multifaceted online business.

In this case study of Michael Hyatt I cover:

  • How Michael’s first business went under by growing too fast, and how you can potentially avoid the same mistakes
  • Smart personal liability protections to put in place when starting your business (and why they may not 100% protect you if something goes wrong)
  • How Michael created online training and resource platform by first writing a book
  • If you run a membership or community, what you need to make sure is in your Terms of Use with your customers
  • The special intellectual property considerations for physical products (Michael sells a planner)
  • How to make sure you can use all the great photos you capture at live events in later marketing campaigns

Key takeaway: A business with multiple profit centers can present a wide variety of potential legal issues. When you're playing at Michael's level, it's essential to have an experienced attorney who can help you with big-picture strategy and make sure you're protected

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