Lewis Howes – Online business case study (Legal Road Map® Podcast S3E56)

Lewis Howes is an inspiring entrepreneur whose backstory is almost more amazing than the incredible success of his 7+ figure online business.

In this case study, I cover how Lewis Howes:

  • Used his area of expertise (sports) to spot a hole in the market and  start building the online business he has today
  • Utilized online and in-person networking to up-level his business
  • Tests online product ideas by selling before creating (and some of the potentially serious legal consequences of doing this)
  • Participates in affiliate marketing in his business, and a few things you MUST know if you earn commissions as an affiliate, too

Key takeaway: As the saying goes, “start(ing) before you’re ready” can produce incredible results for some business owners. But you have to make sure all of your necessary legal protections are in place first to avoid any sticky situations down the road.

Additional Resources: 

Lewis Howes:

Lewis’s affiliate page:

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