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Why Course Creators need Terms of Use with your students (Legal Road Map® Podcast S4E85)

Terms of Use, Terms of Service… whatever you call it, you might not think of it as a contract, but it is - and an important one at that! This week’s solo episode is all about this critical contract between you and your customers, students, or clients.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Where your TOU must be linked on your website
  • The 11 terms you should include in your TOU to protect you and your students
  • Why including more strict terms in your TOU is always better, and how you can be gentler when difficult circumstances come up
  • Why including a “refunds at our discretion” clause is a bad idea
  • How your TOU can give you a way to resolve issues with someone stealing your intellectual property, without having to file a costly copyright or trademark lawsuit

Key takeaway: Unlike your website’s privacy policy, TOU are not required by law, but they are the legal foundation of your course business.  Strong TOU will put you and your customers on the same page and will save you a lot of legal headaches.

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