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Corinne Crabtree - PNPTribe - online courses + legal for an online weight loss community (Legal Road Map® Podcast S4E88)

Corinne shares how legal has helped her grow her online weight loss community with confidence.She now uses an online course as the entry point for all new members to her community.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The benefit of downloading everything you want to teach from your brain, all at once
  • How courses and community can complement one another
  • Why scaling back your offerings may actually be the best step to grow your business
  • The benefit of designing your course with your least tech-savvy customer in mind
  • How contracts elevate your business
  • The importance of having strong advisors on your team

BONUS: Head over to for instant access to our brand new, free masterclass, 3 Legal Protections Your Course Business is Probably Missing, and our legal checklist for course creators (plus you'll be the first to know when new episodes are live).


Legal Road Map® podcast episode 34:

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Losing 100 Pounds podcast with Phit-n-Phat:

This podcast is information, not legal advice specific to your situation.

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