Legal for course creators – payment plan problems (S4E89)

Legal for course creators – payment plan problems (Legal Road Map® Podcast S4E89)

If you sell an online course, digital product, or do business online, you may offer payment plans to your customers. But what do you do when the customer stops paying?

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • If it’s possible to totally avoid chargebacks (spoiler alert: it is, but only if you stop taking credit cards altogether)
  • Some practical customer service tips to help you cut down on chargebacks
  • Why including a clear refund policy in your terms of use will be your strongest evidence to fight an invalid chargeback claim
  • The (potentially) tricky business of payment plans and what regulations you may need to comply with
  • Tech & practical tips to make sure your customers follow through on a payment plan
  • The important payment plan details you should definitely include in your terms of use

Key takeaway: Between including clearly outlined terms in your contract and using a few practical & tech tips, you can make sure your payment plans don’t become non-payment plans.

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