Help! I just got a cease and desist letter, what do I do? (Legal Road Map® Podcast S1E9)

You got a letter saying you’ve infringed intellectual property rights in someone’s copyright, trademark, or patent. Now what? Learn what a “cease and desist” letter and “DMCA takedown notice” are, and some steps you might take on your own without hiring a lawyer.

(Be sure to listen to Episode 5 first for an overview of the different kinds of IP; Episode 9 builds on Episode 5).

Episode highlights:

  • What is a “cease and desist” letter?
  • What is a “DMCA takedown notice”?
  • How to investigate on your own
  • When a sincere apology might do the trick
  • What evidence should you keep in your files
  • How to evaluate the risk of a lawsuit
  • When you should consider hiring a lawyer

KEY TAKEAWAY: You can avoid getting a cease and desist letter by creating your own stuff or getting permission, but if you make a mistake, you might be able to fix it on your own by apologizing and taking down the infringing content.

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This podcast is information not legal advice specific to your situation.