Gravy's Casey Graham on a stellar customer experience (Legal Road Map® Podcast S4E90)

Have you had issues with customers not fulfilling their payment plans?  Gravy’s Casey Graham talks about the value of personalized human interaction in an age where automation is the online business practice du jour.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How being nice can make all the difference when you’re working to resolve payment issues with your customers
  • Why quick action is essential in the payment recovery process (80% of recovery happens in the first 7 days!)
  • How to make sure your emails about payment issues actually get opened
  • Why a “magic moment” within a week of purchasing will help you gain a loyal follower instead of just another disengaged purchaser
  • The power of a cleaned out inbox
  • What the 55 cent principle is, and how it can really up your customer service game (it's one of our favorite things we use with our own clients here at the AWB Firm!)

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Autumn’s link to try out Gravy:

Payment Recovery Success Chart:

Casey’s Instagram: @caseygraham

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