Legal for course creators – guest experts (S4E93)

Legal for course creators – guest experts (Legal Road Map® Podcast S4E93)

Collaborating with a guest expert for your online course is a great way to provide incredible value to your students. But mapping out (in writing!) things like who's doing what, and how the expert is compensated is crucial to preventing a guest expert collaboration from going south.

In this episode you'll learn the important questions to ask when you're collaborating with a guest expert in your online course:

  • What type of collaboration is this? - Is your guest expert contributing material for a single lesson, creating the course with you 50/50?
  • Who's earning what? - Is your guest expert paid a percentage of sales, a flat fee, or something else? Or is your guest expert paying you in exchange for exposure?
  • Who is paying the expenses? - Who pays the invoice from your graphic designer, videographer, etc.?
  • Who is responsible for marketing? - Is your guest expert required to send emails to their list, do a FB live, etc. to promote your launch?
  • What happens if it falls apart?
  • Who owns the intellectual property? - Is your collaborator allowed to create a spin-off live event from the online course or is that not allowed?
  • Do you need a nondisclosure agreement? - Are you lifting the curtain on your business's secret sauce?

Key takeaway: Guest experts can make a great addition to your online course, but asking some key questions and agreeing to terms in writing can help you ensure the collaboration is a success.

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