Legal for course creators: affiliate programs pt.2 (Legal Road Map® Podcast S4E97)

Legal for course creators: affiliate programs pt.2 (Legal Road Map® Podcast S4E97)

Learn about the important terms your affiliate program agreement needs to include. This is part two of a two-part series on affiliate programs.

In this episode we'll cover:

  • Why you may want to think twice before referring to your affiliate collab as a "joint venture" or "partnership"
  • How contracts can help your affiliate program be more profitable
  • Why it's so important to spell out exactly what your affiliates are required to do to promote your product or services
  • Things to consider when defining how and when you'll pay your affiliates' commission
  • Why you might want to limit the term, or length of time,  your affiliates are in your program
  • Why the general terms at the bottom of your contract can sometimes be the most important

Key takeaway: Clear terms in your affiliate agreement provide a strong foundation for your affiliate program to grow on.

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This podcast is information, not legal advice specific to your situation.

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