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Legal for course creators: copyrights (Legal Road Map® S4E99)

Learn what copyrights can protect when you should register them, and the benefits EARLY copyright registration provides.

In this episode we'll cover:

  • The types of content that can be protected by copyrights
  • Why facts and ideas aren't protectable by copyrights (and what you actually can protect instead)
  • Why the automatic protection provided by U.S. copyright law isn't as great as it sounds
  • The extra benefits of registering your copyrights, and registering them early
  • Who owns the copyrights when you create a work as an employee or an independent contractor
  • Who can use the © symbol, and how you should be using it the right way
  • What type of business should hire a copyright attorney to register their copyright, and who can probably DIY the process
  • Who can use © and how you should be using it

Key takeaway: Copyright protections are automatic under US law, but you can't enforce them without taking the time to file a registration. Best practice for your online course is to register them early!

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