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Group Coaching Client Contract

Group Coaching Client Contract

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When you want to reach more people at one time with your coaching services, group coaching is a great direction to take in your business. But when you combine a group dynamic with the vulnerability of coaching, it’s easy for things to take a wrong turn. That’s why it’s particularly important to spell out all the details in a Group Coaching Agreement, so you can answer questions like:

  • How can I be sure the other participants won’t talk about something I’ve shared outside the group?
  • What are you agreeing to do as my coach or strategist? And what am I agreeing to do as your client?
  • How will you handle any harassment of me or other participants by someone else in the group?

This template is tailor made for life coaches, health + wellness coaches, business coaches + strategists, and any other service providers who teach in a group setting.  The Group Coaching Contract Template also helps outline cancellation policies, as well as payment terms.


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