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Done-For-You Services Contract Template

Done-For-You Services Contract Template

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The Done-For-You Services Contract is a must-have for any professional who creates content for their clients (like copywriters, web designers, graphic designers, and more). Think of it as the prenup for your client-provider relationship. You hope you’ll never argue over the small stuff, and it never comes to a break-up, but if it does, all the details were spelled out in writing and agreed upon by both of you before any work started. Sounds good, right? You can jump into your new business relationship with confidence and excitement, knowing you are protected. Client contracts can answer questions like:

  • Who owns the work product that’s created?
  • If I’m not satisfied with the work you do for me, can I get a refund?
  • Will the final product be delayed if I don’t make my final payment on time?

    A Client Contract is one of the simplest ways to put big legal protections in place if you’re creating any type of content for clients. It’s also a very effective way to signal to your clients that they’re dealing with a true professional.  It can be used along with the Done-For-You Services Proposal template.

    This template was recently updated to include terms for day rates, retainer arrangements, and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion).


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