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Event or Activity Liability Waiver Template

Event or Activity Liability Waiver Template

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The in-person event you’ve been dreaming of hosting can become an absolute nightmare if someone gets hurt while attending.  Accidents happen, and having a Liability Waiver protects you from unexpected claims against your business. The Event or Activity Liability Waiver is essential for anyone who hosts live events, teaches yoga or fitness classes, or operates a venue where customers engage in physical activities, answering questions like:

  • Who’s responsible for paying my medical bills if I am injured during your event?
  • My phone got stolen during your event, are you responsible for replacing it?
  • I saw a photographer snapping pictures at your venue - is there a possibility my image might be used on your marketing materials?

Using an Event or Activity Liability Waiver can protect your business’s and your assets from being taken if someone has an injury at your event or venue.

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