AWB Firm Contract Template Affiliate Program

The AWB Firm affiliate program - contract template store

If you’re a client or a follower of the Legal Road Map® podcast, you’ve probably heard how important we think legally sound contracts are in business. It’s THE best, but oft overlooked, protection a business owner can put in place for themselves and their business. 

Contract templates are perfect for business owners who may not be quite ready to work one-on-one with an attorney on a custom contract, but need the protection nonetheless.  

Our contract templates complement all kinds of businesses in the online world. Our affiliates are coaches, online educators, and other service providers.

Affiliates receive a 50% commission on any sales completed through their unique link.

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Our focus is on making sure this is a light lift on your end. You get to provide an invaluable resource for your audience, plus earn commission! It's a win-win.

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