Legal Guide: What questions should I ask before a partnership or collaboration?

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Partnerships and Collaborations

You’ve found a potential partner, and you know you need to put your agreement about how you’ll work together in writing.  But what exactly do you need to talk about?  What should be included in your partnership agreement?

I’m sharing the list of questions I go over with my own clients when I’m drafting partnership agreements and operating agreements (for an LLC or corporation).

Use this list to get your creative juices flowing; there may be other issues that come up for your particular business that aren’t listed here, or points that don’t apply to you.

Take your time with this process — these questions aren’t easy, but they should help you form a better partnership as you work through them (or maybe help you realize early on you aren’t meant to partner, which is ok too).

Contact us with questions you have about partnering up or collaborating.