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Meet Autumn Witt Boyd

Autumn Witt Boyd graduated in the top 10% of her class from Vanderbilt University Law School (a Top 20 law school) before ultimately landing as a senior associate at the premier copyright litigation law firm for photographers and stock photography agencies.

After spending the first 10 years of her career battling over copyrights and business issues in courtrooms across the U.S., Autumn left BigLaw behind to start the AWB Firm in 2015 so she could spend her days helping entrepreneurs build, protect, and scale their businesses the right way, instead of fighting with other lawyers.

When it comes to intellectual property and business strategies, Autumn is known as a thought leader in the online business community, working with influencers like Amy Porterfield, Chalene Johnson, Corinne Crabtree, and many more, to help them avoid costly legal mistakes while scaling their businesses. She’s also passionate about making sure solopreneurs and side hustlers who may just be getting started have access to the type of protection they need to build their business on a solid legal foundation with customizable contract templates.

Autumn is mom to twin boys, Sam and Tyson, and daughter Vivian. Her husband David is also an entrepreneur — he runs a construction estimating company, Quantify, LLC, and invests in real estate development projects. She definitely knows a thing or two about juggling!

Autumn loves to socialize (over coffee, or better yet, a glass of champagne!), read a good novel, monogram and put glitter on anything that sits still long enough, travel to new places, finish half marathons, and spend time outdoors.

Autumn is licensed to practice in Tennessee.

Autumn's Short Bio

Autumn Witt Boyd is an IP attorney who helps online CEOs build sustainable, profitable companies. Along with her team at The AWB Firm, she loves helping educators and coaches grow their dream business with approachable advice and the right legal protections at the right time. The AWB Firm also offers customizable contract templates that are quick and easy to complete, and cost a fraction of working one-on-one with a lawyer.


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Business + IP Law Firm for Digital CEOs

Personalized legal support for online business owners since 2015 — from lawyers who really know online business. With the AWB Firm by your side, you can scale your business legally, with the right protections at the right time. It’s time to partner with a lawyer who specializes in serving established, high-revenue online businesses like yours. The AWB Firm provides tailored solutions for trademarks, copyrights, contracts, and business growth.

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