Thank You - Quiz: Consult

AWB Firm toasting champagne

You might be ready for a consult, coach.

Phew! You’ve been busy growing your coaching business, haven’t you?

Revenues are growing right along with it, and you’re starting to make a name for yourself. You might even be considering hiring your first team member - a huge step!

This is actually a critical point in your business to make sure your legal ducks are in a row. You’ve likely still got some time to spend making sure your business is buttoned up - but how are you supposed to know what you even need to plan for now or down the road?

If you’re into DIY, I’ve got a great free resource + companion podcast episode headed to your inbox as we speak. 

Let me level with you. You’re approaching a point in your business where working one-on-one with an attorney will no longer be an option. It’ll be a necessity. But, hey... That’s actually an exciting rite of passage when you think about it. You’re a big deal!

The resources I’m sending you, though, will help you get as far as you responsibly can on your own so that when you do feel ready to work with an attorney (whether that’s me or someone else), meaning much less clean up work for your lawyer, which translates into more hard earned dollars staying in your pocket for you.

Not big on DIY? No problem.

I’ve got another resource headed to your inbox that may be more your style.


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