Thank You - Quiz: Strategy

AWB Firm toasting champagne

It’s time for legal strategy, coach.

[Applause] What you’ve built is impressive. Well done!

It’s not easy growing a coaching business to the level you’ve reached, and you certainly haven’t done it without making some smart decisions already, like using contracts every time and using proper hiring practices when it comes to growing your team.

But maybe you’re starting to wonder what else you might be missing. After all, the stakes are a lot higher now than when you started. If something were to go wrong in your business because of a legal issue you didn’t even know about, any loss of income would have a direct effect on you, your family, and maybe even your team.

Now is a great time to start thinking about where you want to grow next and how a killer legal strategy can help you get there (and help you sleep better at night, knowing there aren’t any legal blindspots in your business).

You might be looking at registering a trademark or two (hello, ®), converting your independent contractors to employee status (look at you, boss!), creating an affiliate program to set your group coaching sales up to soar (we’ve got our sights set on you, 7 figures).

If you’re the DIY type, I’ve got some of my very favorite free resources for trademark, hiring, and affiliate programs on their way to your inbox.

Soak these up and start dreaming and scheming about how these legal steps just might be the thing to scale your business to the next level.

Not big on DIY? No problem.

I’ve got another resource headed to your inbox that may be more your style.


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