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Time to protect your IP

Chances are you have started to realize that your brand, course, coaching program, curriculum, and other content is worth protecting, but you don't know how or even... when.

The legal questions you have now are not the same questions you had when you were just starting out. You’ve grown past DIY’ing legal protections and relying on Google for every question you have.

You’ve reached a level in your business that requires a different kind of legal support.

You need the eyes and knowledge of experienced lawyers who really know online business (because our corner of the internet really does do things just a little differently, doesn’t it?).

How we’re different

It’s no coincidence that our firm has been working with some of the biggest names in the online world since we opened our doors in 2015. 

In an industry that is continually shifting and changing, it can feel impossible for business owners to know what’s what when it comes to legal requirements.

There are many law firms who will be happy to help you apply for a Trademark or Copyright registration, but we go further.

We want to ensure you protect your IP at the right time, we know USPTO and Copyright Office rules about what will and won't be approved, and we educate our clients on how to create and name their services with future protection (and monetization) in mind!

The AWB Firm won't just take your money and file a Trademark or Copyright registration application unless we are SURE the potential result is worth your investment.

That’s why we can help you go further in your business, with the right strategy and the right legal protections at the right time.

Start something different

If you’re growing to $1M+, you’re playing the long game. 

You need a legal team who will guide you. Who will help you create big-picture strategy.  Who will take the time to understand your long-term goals before jumping into your legal projects.

Our attorneys and legal experts will become a strategic part of your team, providing practical legal advice so that your business grows faster - to a thriving, sustainable, impactful company.

The way we kick things off is with our Legal to Scale™ package, which combines the power of strategic legal audit with the get-it-done momentum of knocking out your first high priority legal project.

Your initial investment is one, convenient flat-fee of $5,000 (buh-bye, unpredictable legal bills!).

Two of our attorneys get a clear picture of your business during a one hour Legal Road Map® Strategy Session, so we can help you get where you’re going without the pesky (read: expensive) detours caused by legal potholes you didn’t even know were there. 

We then get started on your highest priority legal project, so you can move it from ‘to do’ to ‘done ✔️’.

Included in Legal to Scale™:

- Legal Road Map® strategy session

- Legal Road Map® Report + Plan

- One copyright or trademark registration application


- Up to 10 legal services hours toward a custom contract project*


We have worked with the AWB Firm for several years and they truly act as an extension of our team. They are professional, experienced, and dedicated to protecting our business.

Their response times, level of service, and quality deliverables are unmatched - whether it's a quick question or an extensive contract review. We look forward to many years to come working with the AWB Firm and we cannot recommend them enough!


The entire AWB Firm team genuinely cares about the needs of our business. We first approached them to help us with our hiring practices (hiring full-time/part-time/contractors, creating agreements, etc.).

Then, as our relationship with the firm grew, Autumn and her team also helped us with our entire Trademark and Copyrighting process from start to finish. If it weren't for the AWB Firm, we would still be completely lost.

The AWB Firm Process

What it costs & what you get



Explore every corner of your business with two of our experienced attorneys during your Legal Road Map®  strategy session


Receive your solid, individualized legal plan, with a list of prioritized next steps + choose (with our help) the first high priority legal project our team will tackle


Relax as our team gets to work on your top priority legal project


Achieve BOSS LEVEL status because you now have an entire support team of strategic partners + legal experts who are invested in your business’s long-term success

Legal to Scale™ is the collaborative legal experience that will help you feel supported as you grow to $1M+. 

As our clients may have told you, it is exponentially more costly (and time consuming!) to fix a legal mistake than it is to do it right from the start.

It is our mission to make sure entrepreneurs never make another expensive legal mistake.  We have seen over and over again how our unique approach takes the guesswork out of legal for impact-driven online business owners.

If you’re looking to partner with a team that comes to work each day to serve our clients with joy and integrity, click below to fill out our short questionnaire, and a member of our team will be in touch within one business day.

Subject to availability, we also handle employment matters, dispute resolution, and cease and desist projects at our hourly rates.

*Most custom contract projects are completed within 10 hours. Multiple revisions, delay in client response, or complex subject matter, can cause contract projects to exceed 10 hours. Any hours over and above the 10 hours included in Legal to Scale™ are discussed with you in advance and billed separately.

*USPTO and Copyright Office filing fees are billed separately, after your review and approval.

Ready to get started? work with us 1:1


We have had such an amazing experience with all the team members we've worked with here. Our questions are answered promptly and thoroughly, they take DEI efforts into consideration with the work they do,and we know we are well protected as a business. I highly recommend AWB for your contract, trademark, and other business legal needs!


Autumn is that rare layer who provides expert guidance through the maze of laws that my business encounters daily… while also looking into the future and anticipating what my business is going to need. She took time to understand the vision I have for growth and has strategically recommended what we need to do next, without going overboard.

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