Trademark + Copyright

Not sure how a trademark or copyright can help your business?

Think about your brand, your online content, and your digital products.

You’ve likely spent countless dollars and hours weaving the story of the work you do into your business and product names, logo, tagline or slogan, and products.

You’ve used your brand to build trust with your client base. They see your name and logo and they instantly want to buy from you, because of the hard work you’ve put into building a strong identity. 

The AWB Firm will help you put the right legal protections in place so you can sleep at night, knowing your brand, content, and digital products (and all the hours, dollars, blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into building them) are 100% yours.

Don’t let someone else rip off your hard work.

  • Trademark search: $1,000
  • Trademark registration: starting at $2,000 + government filing fees ($225 per category of products or services)
  • Copyright registration: starting at $3,000
  • Other complex intellectual property services available including licensing and certification programs, white label agreements, IP holding companies, transfer of IP, cease and desist, dispute resolution, litigation, and more.  These projects are quoted individually depending on complexity.

Before working with a lawyer, I wasn’t sure I necessarily needed legal support and the cost was a hesitation as well. Working with Autumn, I was pleased by how simple it was to take care of the trademark process. She is very approachable and straightforward. I recommend her to anyone who needs trademark services. The process was seamless, and I have such peace of mind knowing an expert is taking care of it!

I knew I wanted to be protected legally but I didn’t even know what I needed an attorney to help me with. Autumn is so approachable, it’s easy to ask her questions because she doesn’t respond with legalese that I don’t understand.  She asks questions that make you think and ultimately lead to better legal protection. Since starting to work with Autumn, I have a rock-solid client agreement and now have 3 trademarks approved. I love that I feel like I have an attorney in my back pocket. If I ever have a question or a new legal shift, I can call on Autumn to give me answers! Autumn is a SOLID attorney, who truly “gets” the online business industry with its quirks. She’s flexible and super knowledgeable. I LOVE working with her!

Since working with Autumn, my business name is now a registered trademark.  I learned so much about trademarks during the whole process, such as what I can and cannot do with a trademark.  Kindness goes a long way in business, and it’s not something everyone leads with, but Autumn is not only kind, but her work was also very efficient, timely, clearly communicated and thorough. Autumn and her staff are so helpful and quick to respond, they provide thorough and knowledgeable answers and never make me feel like my questions are ridiculous (even if they may have been!).  I have already referred another friend and colleague to Autumn’s firm and will continue to do so.

Autumn made the entire trademark process super easy and no fuss for me. She is professional, down to earth, and makes the “legal stuff” easy to absorb. Autumn and her team were quick to answer my questions, which I really appreciate. I would recommend Autumn to anyone looking for legal advice on trademarks or protecting their intellectual property.

I knew I needed to pursue a trademark and when I spoke with Autumn, she knew all of the questions to ask moving forward and it reassured me that I needed her help since I didn’t know how to do this on my own. Autumn was so knowledgeable throughout the entire process. I realized that even though it costs more to hire someone versus doing it yourself, at least you know you have done it right. If you are trademarking something, that means it is really important to your business and isn’t something that you can afford to do wrong.

I came to the AWB Firm because another company tried to register my business name and sent me a cease and desist letter. Autumn successfully obtained a trademark for my company name, which meant I was able to avoid having to change my business name and starting over with building brand trust. Autumn is a well rounded small business attorney that can not only assist with many legal issues but can also advise proactive steps that can help protect your business.