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Intro to the Legal Road Map® podcast and lawyer Autumn Witt Boyd (Legal Road Map® Podcast S1E0)

Don’t know where to start getting your creative business legally legit? Hosted by lawyer Autumn Witt Boyd, the Legal Road Map® podcast gives creative entrepreneurs the answers to your copyright, trademark, and business legal questions.

Learn how to protect your rights and stay out of legal hot water, so you can confidently build your dream business. Whether you’re just starting out and haven’t done any legal work on your business, or are going through a transition or growth spurt and want to make sure you’re covered, the Legal Road Map® podcast is a great tool to make sure you haven’t missed any key legal protections for your business.

Who is this podcast for? Creative business owners with big dreams at any point in your entrepreneurial journey.

Who is Autumn? Autumn Witt Boyd has been a copyright, trademark, and business lawyer for more than 12 years and opened her own law office two years ago to work with creative business owners. Most of her clients are online business owners. More information and bio can be found at

What will this podcast teach you? You'll learn how to protect your rights and stay out of legal hot water, so you can confidently build your dream business. Each episode will give you a high-level look at the legal protections you may need for your business, that you can either put in place yourself or hire your own lawyer to help with.

For example: What contracts should you have? What the heck is a website privacy policy or terms and conditions? What should you protect with a copyright or trademark? Do you need an LLC or should you stay a sole proprietor? What should you do if a copycat steals your photos or content? What’s the right way to respond to a cease and desist letter? When is using someone else’s stuff fair use under the law? How should you hire employees or independent contractors?

Season One - 12 episodes:

Episode 1 - How legal can protect your business and make you more money

Episode 2 - All about contracts, the most important legal protection for creative and online businesses

Episode 3 - Every business with a website needs these documents in place

Episode 4 - Do I need an LLC or corporation for my business? Plus licenses, insurance, EIN, and taxes

Episode 5 - Intellectual Property for your business, copyrights, trademarks, patents and more

Episode 6 - Trademark 101, choose a good business or product name and registration explained

Episode 7 - Copyright 101, who owns what, plus the huge benefits of registering early

Episode 8 - Copyright and Trademark 201, using other people's photos, videos, music and more, legally

Episode 9 - Help! I just got a cease and desist letter, what do I do?

Episode 10 - Make more money for your business by licensing your content and brand

Episode 11 - Dealing with copycats who rip off your content and brand

Episode 12 - Hiring contractors and employees the right way, with Ashley Cox of sproutHR

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This podcast is information not legal advice specific to your situation.

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