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Scale Phase: Are you making expensive mistakes in your business? (Legal Road Map® Podcast S5E123)

If you’ve reached Scale Phase, your business has “made it”. You’re making six to seven figures and might even have your sights set on eight. Your team has grown to include mostly employees with a few independent contractors, but they’ve all grown to be dependent on your business’s success for their own.

More money, more problems indeed, which is why you’ll want to listen to this episode to see what legal pitfalls you need to keep an eye out for and how you can prevent them.

Even if you’re still in Launch Phase, this is a great episode to listen to so you know what lies ahead.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Why different revenue streams can require different legal protections
  • The importance of sitting down to ‘issue spot’ with an attorney when you’re in Scale Phase
  • Why your business is likely to become a copycat magnet in Scale Phase
  • Why your corporate structure may no longer be enough to protect your business assets and what to do in addition to choosing the right corporate structure (hint: it’s time to get insurance!)
  • How critical it is to handle employment matters properly - not doing so can actually land you in jail!
  • Why it’s time to consider having an attorney on retainer in Scale Phase

BONUS: Scale Phase Entrepreneur Checklist -- sign up here to learn about what can go wrong legally as you enter the Scale Phase of your business, and find out what simple actions you can take now to avoid costly problems later, in our Scale Phase Entrepreneur Checklist.  We’ll be releasing a brand-new legal checklist for each phase of your business building journey, free with every episode this month!

This podcast is information, not legal advice specific to your situation.


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