Disrupting ecommerce with Vivian Kaye (S5E150)


Ecommerce can be intimidating to a lot of entrepreneurs, because they have misconceptions about needing tons of startup capital or product to get started (myself included!). But ecommerce business owner and business coach Vivian Kaye has debunked all those myths on her way to 7 figures. 

In this episode, in addition to a lot of inspiration and laughs, we’ll cover:

  • Why you don’t need a warehouse full of product to start your physical product business
  • Vivian’s favorite way to exercise your confidence muscle
  • How the “go big or go home” mentality can cause your business to fail before it even begins
  • The disservice that not talking about money is to women
  • The ins and outs of participating in a subscription box as a product-based business
  • Why you should subscribe to your ecommerce platform’s blog + newsletter
  • How being the face of your company lends credibility to your business
  • Who Chad is and what he can teach you about being bold in your business
  • How sticking to a niche can be the key to scaling big

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Kinky Curly Yaki website: https://www.kinkycurlyyaki.com/

One of Vivian’s favorite affirmations: I am worthy. I am talented. I am successful. I am healthy. I am wealthy. Money comes naturally to me. Everything I touch turns to gold and I provide value in everything I do.

4 Steps to Niching Your Business (Vivian’s course on Shopify Compass):  https://www.shopifycompass.com/learn/niche-it-4-steps-to-niching-your-business

Vivian’s Instagram: www.instagram.com/itsviviankaye

Vivian’s website: https://viviankaye.com/

This podcast is information, not legal advice specific to your situation.


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